Hannah Humphries

ACPAT Chartered physiotherapist.

I’m Hannah and I am a Chartered Physiotherapist and Veterinary Physiotherapist.


I specialise in:

Reducing Pain

Optimising Healing

Preventing Injury

Improving Performance

Maintaining long term quality of life

About Hannah

I qualified as a Physiotherapist in 2010 and have subsequently achieved my Post graduate diploma in Veterinary Physiotherapy. The majority of my work has been within the musculoskeletal field both in private practice and sport.

My key areas of interest lie in optimising the performance of sporting animals and improving the mobility and function of the elderly.

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What is Veterinary Physio?

The purpose of Physiotherapy is to help restore and maintain mobility, reduce pain and improve function.

This may take the form of treating a particular injury like a muscle strain or may involve rehabilitation post surgery. Physio is also an excellent way of managing age related conditions such as Osteoarthritis as well as being an essential part of improving performance in sports animals.

I assess and treat a wide range of conditions using techniques such as soft tissue mobilisations and manipulations, laser, muscle stimulation and therapeutic exercise in order to help enhance you animal’s healing process and get them back to full fitness as soon as possible. The most common animals I work with are dogs, horses and cats but any are welcome!

Why Does My Animal Need Physio?
Animals tend to be very stoic and unlike their human counterparts they may mask pain and compensate by adopting a less painful way of moving. This often means that conditions go unnoticed for long periods of time, leading to adaptations to muscle and soft tissue. Regular physio sessions aim to identify and address these issues before they become a permanent, more serious problem. Below are just a few reasons to call a physio:

– Bumps or falls
– Muscle, ligament or tendon injuries
– Rehabilitation post surgery
– Age related conditions like Arthritis
– General maintenance and health checks
– Performance optimisation for sports animals

Please contact me for more information or to book an initial consultation

What should I look out for?
If your animal displays any of these signs it is a good idea to call me for an initial consultation:

• Changes in the way they walk/move
• Obvious pain
• Difficulty getting up from sitting/lying
• Difficulty jumping up
• Stiffness
• Changes in behaviour
• Aggression
• Reluctance to be groomed

How does it work?
Veterinary physiotherapists work hand in hand with Vets so if you would like me to see your animal you will just need to contact your vet to get their consent and then we are good to go!

Following an initial consultation where we can identify how I can help you, I will travel to you, fully assess your animal and devise an appropriate treatment programme based on my findings. Some animals may only need one or two sessions, others will need a more long term treatment plan and this is something we will discuss at this stage. You may be given a home exercise programme to work on in between treatments.

If you have identified that your animal may benefit from Physio or would like more information on how I may be able to help please do contact me to arrange your free of charge initial consultation.


“I took Brin to see Hannah after he had a fight with another dog. As well as having some wounds he was very sore and not moving normally. Hannah gave him a thorough assessment and found some severe muscle spasm which was affecting his movement. His wounds were also causing him significant pain and she came to visit us every day for a week to treat them with a laser.

This not only helped reduce the discomfort but also meant the wounds healed up so quickly! I was extremely impressed with the results and cannot recommend Hannah’s physio treatments enough, I was left with a very happy and pain free dog. 5 stars!”

Sophie & Brin

I Show jump and Event my horse and regular check ups with Hannah have allowed me to catch any minor issues before they become a bigger problem that may affect our performance in competitions. I have Dee Dee checked every few months to ensure she is in peak condition. I also get Hannah to treat my dog Basil- as a puppy he is constantly getting into scrapes and regular Physio sessions ensure he doesn’t cause himself too much damage as well as allowing me to track his physical development. I highly recommend!
Jo, Dee & Basil

“Chelsea injured her back leg whilst playing about a year ago and whilst she was no longer limping she hadn’t really used that leg properly since then. This meant a lot of her muscle had wasted away and she was overusing the other legs which made her very sore and less keen to go for walks.

Hannah treated all her painful spots as well as devising a really good exercise programme which encouraged her to start using that leg again. She also used an amazing machine to stimulate the muscles and help them get stronger faster! Chelsea loves her physio and now loves her walks again too! If you’ve never thought to get your dog checked by a physio I’d really recommend it- Hannah picked up on things I would never have noticed but were really having an affect on Chelsea’s life!”

Stefi & Chelsea

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